Friday, February 27, 2009

A few things we have learned

We still love our home. But, we have learned a few things.

First, if we had it to do over again, we would never allow Real People Homes to pour our foundation. The foundation has cracked terribly. They did just an awful job on it. We may have to have someone in to take a look at it and repair it. So far, we have not seen any exterior cracks just large cracks on the interior. Recall that we left the concrete floors unfinished and just sealed them. Well, you can see all the cracks, too. It's ugly. Eventually, we will have to cover the floors with tile or some other flooring system.

Second, whoever wired the hot water heater in the kitchen was an idiot. Who doesn't know that black goes to black and red goes to red? Somebody from Real People Homes' contractor, that's who. We should have gotten 5-10 years out of that water heater. I personally replaced it in November, 2008. Could not believe my eyes when I saw how it was wired. No wonder it wasn't working. The miracle is that it worked at all and for as long as it did. Since this very simple thing was not done correctly, it makes me wonder what else was done incorrectly.

Speaking of which, the third thing we have discovered is that whoever installed the light in the pantry did a real half-assed job. Probably the same guy who installed the water heater. When he installed it, he did it in such a way that the cover was binding and could hardly be removed. It is looking like we will have to replace the fixture. Have finally gotten the cover off and replaced the bulb but it is not working. I'll go up there soon and just replace the fixture. That should take care of it.

On the up side, energy bills remain low. This house is super well insulated. No complaints there. Even with my daughter and grandkinds living there--who are as wasteful as anyone can possibly be--the electric bill has yet to go over $250/month. Even during the hottest months of the year! That is awesome.

And we still love going out to the house and just sitting on the porch. So quiet. Watch the deer run. Drink a glass of wine. Yes, we still love our house.