Monday, October 10, 2005

Week Fifteen

The place is really looking great. We had my folks up this weekend to show it off a bit. Clearly, Chuck has some guys in there cleaning up some. Phil and I showed up a little early to sweep up some more, too. Curtis and Danny from the Real People Home office in Pipe Creek sent a couple over take a look at the house. They were really nice and I must admit, we enjoyed showing it off.
Here is the dining rooma and entry with lights on.

The rock work on the wood stove has been corrected and we can now open the stove door without a problem. The supports for the mantel are equal in length and the mantel is up. It is actually installed upside down but it still looks okay so we are going to go with it that way.

In the kitchen, the back splash for the stove is being glued to the wall. There are 2 x 4 's bracing it against the wall til the glue dries. This is a very nice back splash. Got is at HomeWerks in San Antonio for a pretty penny. It is stainless steel with a harlequin pattern which sort of repeats the pattern of the floor. Though not too much of it will be visible, I am hoping enough will be to look good.

The plumber was here to install the pedestal sink in the bathroom and discovered that it needs more support than was allowed. So Chuck had to send guys back in to remove this piece of beaded board and install a support for the sink. Hopefully this will be completed soon so the plumber can get on with all the other things he has to do.

The painter was back to finish painting the first layer of trim on the back porch. There was more discussion about the rough nature of the trim. Chuck tells me that is just the way rough cut cedar is but I guess I did not know that. This is one of those things I will have to live with till I find something I like better. The painter forgot his sander for sanding in between coats. Fortunately, we had one in the garage and he was able to finish the work. I am still puzzled, though, as the outside of the trim has not been painted yet. The screens for the back porch will be installed on Monday and then the inside trim will be installed and painted. Maybe that is when all the trim will get a complete paint job.
Also, the yard clean up has begun. Phil and I spent a few hours last weekend and this one stacking left over rock for all those future projects we have in mind: flower beds, walkways, etc. Thank goodness it was cooler this week. We dang near died last week. We are too old and fat to be lugging heavy rocks in 105 degree heat. That could kill us! Fortunately, it was much cooler this weekend and we were able to get a lot more done. We will be back lugging rocks next weekend, too.

Oct 24 is not too far away but Chuck tells me that the counter top guys have the stuff in stock for the poured counter top I want so hopefully it will not take the full two weeks to get counter tops in place. Once those are in place, the rest of the plumbing can be finished. I am trying not to be antsy but I can hardly wait. The place just looks so good. And I also know that just when you do not plan for something to go wrong, it will. Of course, Phil and I have a short list of things that need to be done, too.
Phil has been talking with the insurance people about homeowners insurance. They are not familiar with this kind of house and it has taken several phone calls to find someone who was willing to talk about making the rates more realistic. We're not there yet, but much closer.
I have been talking with Verizon about telephone line installation. I do not like them very much. They have a "if you don't like it, too bad" kind of attitude. Yes, I was being difficult. I did not want to give them my social security number just so they could do a credit check. Why do they need that anyway? Everyone else in the world doesn't and they seem to get credit checks just fine. Hummmph. The joys of dealing a bureaucracy.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Week Fourteen

This week we got the propane installed. Who could have known that propane would go so high! $2/gallon. Good grief. The good news is that we will only be cooking with it and this huge tankful of propane will last us several years. I much prefer to cook with gas rather than electric. Our stove is sitting on the front porch just waiting for counter tops so it can be installed.

There was one little oops! this week. The rock guys finished the rock work on the fireplace/wood stove insert. The arch is a little cockeyed and will not permit the opening of the stove door completely. Also one of the supports for the mantel is a good two inches longer than the other and sort of sticks out.

The back porch is a screened porch and in preparation for the screens, the first layer of trim has been installed. But it looks like the rough side of the cedar has been installed up. I really want a more smooth finish. Otherwise, looks good.

Counting the days.