Monday, August 22, 2005

Week Nine

The rock work was begun this week. As you can see it quite nice.

Also, fans for the backporch were installed.

And our good friend Harold came out and set the electric pole and meter for us.

Now that we have electric, more can be done so I expect that we will lots of stuff happening soon.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Week Almost Eight

We drove out to see the latest progress on the house on Thursday afternoon, August 11th. Our reaction was, "Yippee!" I do not know if we noticed the windows first

or if we noticed the color on the front porch first.

Whichever it was, we loved it. Somehow having a little color and having the windows in makes it feel more like our house. Even the back porch had the stucco on it

The stucco is a somewhere between a soft gold and a gentle yellow. I think it will bring out the yellow in the rock beautifully. By the way, all the exterior trim was painted the same color.
When we went inside, we discovered that all the walls have been painted. I chose a soft creamy color to make the place feel warm and comfortable. I like it so much better than the stark white.

We also noticed that we had a few doors hung already. This one is for the back bedroom.

Notice that little angled thingy in the upper right hand corner above the door. That's sort of an extra. At least that's how I like to think of it. I asked for my closets to be a bit larger than the original plans specified. This meant that this airconditioning duct suddenly became visible. The contractor just boxed it in and finished it. I'm thinking that with a little contrasting color and a few boxes of various shapes, sizes and colors, this will turn into a neat little place for my cat to hide and a visual curiosity.
Of course, we had to go visit the master bedroom, too. I love the extra windows more and more.

The crew that makes all the trim and paints it has also been at work. All the trim will be white. You will see more of that next week.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Week Six and One Half

On our way back from Oklahoma City, we stopped in at the building site. We were surprised and happy to see how much progress has been made. Chuck reminds us that after the painting is done and windows and doors are in, things will slow down a bit. Actually, I think it will not slow down but just seem so because from this point the changes will be finer. But for now, here is what has happened in the last week:

The roof is on! We have a standing seam metal roof. This is typical roofing for this part of the country and as you can see, quite attractive.

The back porch has progressed well. Chuck and I have had many discussions about the back porch and how it should be built. I have an image in my head of what I want but translating that into reality has been a bit of a challenge. Chuck has been patient as we have explored our options. He has also been very persistent in searching out the best materials for the price. We have finally decided on a two foot wall around the porch which will be stucco. The doggy door will be installed in the wall. The flooring will a composite wood material and the screens will be trimmed in this as well. The goal is to make the back porch feel like an old fashioned screened in back porch but without the yummy wood for termites. I think Chuck and I have found that right combination. Here is how it looks now:

On the interior, most of the spackling is completed. I am especially glad that I added two windows in the master bedroom. This will bring in a lot of light and open up the room beautifully.

The living room and dining room are coming together well, too. I added this wall to form a front entry. There have been times when I have wondered if that is such a smart thing. One minute I love it and the next I am not sure. As long as I do not hate it, we will press on. I still like the idea of having a separate entry way which sort of blocks the view to the rest of the house. Here is what it looks like from the living room:

We can just barely see the road from our front porch. The trees and native vegetation screen the view nicely. Here I am enjoying the front porch already.

While we have been gone, Chuck and I have not exchanged a single phone call. That feels sort of weird but it has probably given him a bit of a break. One thing I have discovered is that it is important to think of your relationship with the contractor as a partnership. This is especially true if you want to stay on budget. I am capable of dreaming up all sorts of things I would like on the house but actually making them happen can be quite expensive. By working with Chuck, being willing to compromise, and knowing what I want (pictures from magazines have been helpful), I think we are getting there. Now that we are back, Chuck has given me a few things to think about: the kind of screen for the back porch, ordering the bathtub, one final look at kitchen cabinets before the final order, and wood stove installation. More about these later.