Saturday, October 01, 2005

Week Fourteen

This week we got the propane installed. Who could have known that propane would go so high! $2/gallon. Good grief. The good news is that we will only be cooking with it and this huge tankful of propane will last us several years. I much prefer to cook with gas rather than electric. Our stove is sitting on the front porch just waiting for counter tops so it can be installed.

There was one little oops! this week. The rock guys finished the rock work on the fireplace/wood stove insert. The arch is a little cockeyed and will not permit the opening of the stove door completely. Also one of the supports for the mantel is a good two inches longer than the other and sort of sticks out.

The back porch is a screened porch and in preparation for the screens, the first layer of trim has been installed. But it looks like the rough side of the cedar has been installed up. I really want a more smooth finish. Otherwise, looks good.

Counting the days.


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