Friday, September 16, 2005

Week Twelve

Trenching has continued. It did turn out to be a hard job. Chuck first rented a backhoe kind of thing but the ground proved too hard. Then he went back for a trencher and the rock proved too hard. So back he went. This time for a rock saw. That did the trick. We have trenches everywhere. From the electric pole all the way out to the well.

The painters tried to paint the front and back doors with a paint brush but that did not work out too well. So they have removed the doors and are spray painging them. I said a little prayer when I saw this very expenseive front door hanging from the tree.

But one thing is certain, spraying them made for a much nicer finish. The back door windows are being taped and it will be the back door's turn to hang from the tree for a bit.



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