Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Week Thirteen

Finally, finally!! The kitchen cabinets are here. I was so anxious to see them. We have spent a good deal of money on them primarily because you can see them from every public place in the house. Here are some preliminary pictures:

This is looking back from the kitchen into the living room.

Here are the cabinets for the master bath:

Also note that we have electricity in the house now.

The back door has been hung.

And the front door, too.

The shower in the master bath is all done except for installation of shower control and shower head.

And the air conditioners are in place.

And here is one last look at the kitchen cabinets. Notice that the wall hung cabinets on the outside wall are not as tall as those on the other wall. That is because the beams come low enough to interfere with tall cabinets. I have gone with the extra tall wall hung cabinets on the other wall. We debated going with extra tall ones every where we could and putting up false fronts to make them all appear the same height but in the end, this seemed better. And actually, I do like it better, too. It looks cleaner. I really don't mind the difference in height.

The next things that need to happen are the completion of the rock on the fireplace, counter tops and plumbing. We are getting a littly antsy because the interest rate we negotiated is only good until the 24th of October. After that we will have to negotiate a new one and as everyone knows, they have gone up since we locked in this one. Hans and Chuck assure us that we will make the deadline. But we cannot help but worry a bit.


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