Saturday, September 10, 2005

Week Eleven

At last, the shower tile and the glass block wall are complete. The guy who put these in has been setting tile for 60 years. Imagine! I can hardly imagine doing anything for 60 years except maybe breathing. He did a great job. We went with all white tiles and had one row set with decorative tiles alternating between white ones. The decorative ones are of colorful tropical fishes.

And we have a little progress on the guest bath, as well. The faucet has been installed. And the beaded board painted. One little setback, though. The painters did not sand the beaded board before they painted so the paint is peeling. They will have to go back and strip, sand and paint.

The stove pipe is in. Note how it sets just away from the front porch roof. That is what the angled pipe was needed for.

Trenching has begun. Now this will be a chore. I recall how hard Pete Morales worked to put in our septic system. We have clay soil with pockets of caliche and some seriously big rocks buried in the soil.



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