Saturday, July 02, 2005

Week Two

During this last week, the majority of the deicisons which have had to be made concerned the location of plumbing and electric in the foundation. One of the major questions was regarding the shower. I have asked for a glass block wall on the master bathroom shower and I want this shower to be handicap accessible. Both of these features will add to the saleability of the house given that we are building in an upscale retirement community. Difficulty arose with this proposition when everyone realized we are not dealing with a standard shower size. The length of the space available for the shower is longer than average and so standard fiberglass shower units do not fit in the space. Corning makes a lovely glass block shower kit but it is not handicap accessible having only a 24" opening. So, the shower will have to be a custom job if we are to use the entire length available. I priced shower stalls which are sold specifically as handicap accessible and besides being quite ugly they are expensive. Chuck suggested cultured marble. So, I went to Helotes and looked at some of the products offered by a firm there. Their stuff was beautiful but quite expensive. Curtis will get a price on a custom tile shower for us so we can compare. Though I originally wanted tile, I could easily be swayed to the cultured marble if the price differential is not significant. But at least we did learn one thing: the shower drain needs to be in the middle of the space regardless of whether it is tile or cultured marble.

The other question was on the location of the electrical outlet in the living room. After reveiwing the plans, I advised Chuck that the outlet needed to be 11 ft in from the front living room wall, approx 17 1/2 ft from the small bedroom wall and 18 ft the master bedroom wall. I think this location will put the outlet in a location which will be under a side or corner table--useful but still out of the way.

I visited with a man who has a shop on the west side of Uvalde. His name is Jack Solomon. He works in mesquite. He has indicated that he can build us a mantle for about $250. I chose a very nice piece of wood about 60" x 10" x 2 1/2". It has a two distinctive knotty places on it which will be quite attractive. I will confirm measurements with Chuck before confirming the order with Jack, however.

We went up to see the progress made so far. Here are the pictures:

While this may not look like much, it actually is. This work has involved a fair amount of trenching and the unearthing of some quite large rocks. In this heat, I am sure this has been hard, hot work.

If all goes well, we hope to see the foundation poured in the coming week. &:)


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