Sunday, July 10, 2005

Week Three

This was a short week due to the 4th of July holiday on Monday. Then there were problems getting a crew out to do the foundation work. It looked like we would not be pouring til next week and then it was hustle time. The contractor got a crew out to bag the dirt for the foundation and another crew showed up to begin work on the rebar as soon as the first was done. By 0900 the Friday morning they were ready to pour. Here are pictures of our foundation being poured:

This is the crew making the final preparations.

Chuck measured and placed our Bible under the front door for us. Included in the Bible is a picture of Phil and Me, a little info about our family, a prayer for all who enter our home and a CD with before pictures.

The first of the concrete being poured.

The guys worked hard all day and got the job done. One problem was encountered...the truck could not get close enough to pour the concrete skirt for our the back porch. We will have to move the RV so they can get back there.

We were able to go up on Saturday and see the foundation and move the RV out of the way. Chuck is anticipating putting up walls next week and, though none thought it would be in the way, it was. Moving it now will allow them to be a bit closer to the foundation for easier access.



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