Monday, July 18, 2005

Week Four

At last! A lot of very visible work has been accomplished. Although I know much has already been done, the work which was completed this week makes us feel more like we are building a house.

Chuck and Jack spent last Friday at Home Depot purchasing things like water heaters (2 @ 40 gals. ea.), trim, doors and windows. Our garage is quite full and I expect it to get more full before we are done.

On Monday, the concrete was scored. I chose to have the concrete scored in 16" squares turned on the diagonal. It will look a great deal like tile. I decided to go with the diagonal layout to minimize the effect of any one particular line not being absolutely perfectly straight. I think that the only place where the tile will line up with a wall is in the living room on the fireplace wall. After scoring was complete, a blue covering was laid over the concrete to protect it during construction.

The first walls to go up were the the plumbing walls. There are two of these. All of the plumbing is run through these walls. Both of these walls have electric panels in them, too. The cutaway at the bottom of the plumbing wall shows the steel studs and styrofoam insulation.

Of course, you can't just have a wall standing out there. Each wall must be connected to another.

All of the walls are prefabricated at the factory in Leakey and trucked to the site. The walls are surprising light and a team of five people is needed to erect the house. Each exterior wall is secured to the foundation using hurricane straps at the bottom and all of the walls are connected together using steel connecting plates at the top.

The house went up very quickly. It was difficult knowing that they were working so quickly and not being able to be present every day.

Rain did slow work down a bit but not much. The roof panels are steel with styrofoam insulation. We will have a standing seam metal roof installed over these panels.

Throughout the house, there are beams such as these. All rooms are open to the beams except in the bathrooms. This gives the rooms a very open and spacious feeling.

And as you can see, the house has come together very quickly.

It is very exciting watching the house being built. I have found the contractors, Chuck and Jack, to be wonderful to work with. They are both very flexible, willing to explain things we do not understand, and very careful to ask us about our desires. Thankfully, they are also very cost conscious and have been very helpful to me in making fiscally responsible decisions. I feel we have established a good working relationship with them.


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