Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Week Five and One Half

We were hampered a bit by rain in the past week and a half but nothing serious. Admittedly, it was a bit disconcerting to walk in and see rain leaking through everything but we have to realize that is just going to least right now. The guys have already started tightening things up. The "mud crew" has been filling in gaps and closing all possible avenues to the outside (except, of course, the ones that are supposed to be there.) When Phil took these pictures little droplets of water and spackling were everywhere.

Lots of progress has been made on the exterior, too. The concrete skirt for the back porch has been poured and the roof panels for the back porch put on.

The front porch is looking more like a front porch. Here it is from the gazebo (note that we have a pump on the well now. The white barrel is filled with good, cold water):

And here is a closer view:

We will be gone for a week to Oklahoma City to see my daughter. We can hardly wait to see all that is accomplished when we return.



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