Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Getting Closer

We are finally getting closer to actually building. We have been paperworked to death. I am not sure if the mortgage companies actually believe that all this paperwork will increase the likelikhood that we are serious or a good risk. Whatever. We have done it all.

We actually dumped Home Loan Company because it turned out that they were NOT doing a one time close on the loan for us...they only wanted the permanent loan so that they could broker our permanent loan out as soon as the house was completed. That is not exactly what we wanted. We were going to have to find other financing for the building loan. We are now going with USAA mortgage for both building and permanent loan with a one time close.

I met with Danny and Curtis @ Real People Homes yesterday to go over all the more time. And there are a lot of details involved in building a house. Lots of decisions to make. Fortunately, I have been doing some of that work already so there is not quite as much left to do. Made a list and sent it back to Danny and Curtis this morning so that they can check and make sure I heard everything correctly.

Javier mowed for us last week so the property is looking great. Will looke even better when we have a house. &:)


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