Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Here is one thing I have learned: none of us works off the same time table. Phil and I are progressing through this process which will ultimately lead to the building of our home at a different pace than everyone else involved.

I think that is because for us this is a once in a lifetime kind of deal but for everyone else, it is their work. They have done it before and so the learning curve is not as steep for them. And we are learning. A lot.

We have been looking for ways to lower the price mortgaged. I suppose that unless you have oodles of money, that is a normal thing to do. The cost of the kitchen cabinets came in quite high but they will be beautiful and I do not plan to buy cabinets again. Better to get good ones right from the start. I feel the same way about the plumbing fixtures, too. The bathtub in the guest bathroom will be a cast iron soaker tub. A little on the expensive side but it will last forever. The kitchen sink will be cast iron as well. These two will be good for 50 years or so. And beautiful. I have also been purchasing a few of the light fixtures myself as I find good deals and styles I like. I could use about a six month lead time just for shopping but it does not look like I have it. My spare time will have to be more devoted to acquiring all the things I said we would provide so that we do not hold up construction.

In the meantime, Phil has an appointment with the mortgage company for tomorrow afternoon.

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