Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Our Home Site

I stopped by our home site today while I was in Fredericksburg. It has been a rainy and grey day. And it is still winter. Kind of cool and the trees are still without leaves, except the live oaks, of course.

Here is my favorite part of our property--our live oak grove:
Druid Heaven

Here is the view we will have from our front door:
Looking South

Here is the view we will have from our back door:
Looking North

Here is the view of our building site from the very muddy driveway:
Looking West toward the House

Here is the view from the gazebo toward the location of our someday soon front door:
Imagining a Front Door

And finally, this is a picture of a bluebonnet sprout. We won't have very many from the looks of things. We will have to reseed in the fall. But at least we will have a few.
Baby Bluebonnets

When I arrived home, Phil called with good news. Our interim building loan is approved. Things will most likely move a little more quickly now.

Deb &:)


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