Saturday, March 26, 2005

Getting a Building Loan

We have been hard at work getting a building loan. Well, at least we worked hard at gathering all the required documents and filling out the forms.

We turned all that in on March 11 to Home Loan Corporation and have been waiting ever since. We received a call on Friday March 25, from Fredericksburg Title. They are waiting for one document--the original release of lien on our property. The Home Loan Corporation has had a copy of that since the day we turned all the paperwork in on March 11 and we could have easily provided the original. Oddly, Fredericksburg Title Company tells us that the Home Loan Corporation point of contact does not think he has it. Argggghhhh!

Everyday they mess around we see interest rates rising. We fear that they will cost us a great deal of money. Unfortunately, neither I or Phil will be able to drive the original to Fredericksburg until later in the week. This could not be more frustrating.


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