Friday, February 25, 2005

The Plans

We chose a 2,080 sq. ft. floor plan. Three Bedrooms, two baths. Basic plan. Then we tweaked. And we tweaked. And we tweaked. We are down to the fine adjustments now. The final plan is not much different from the original but much more workable for us. The major alterations from the original plan include:

--increased size of master bedroom closet;
--walk-in shower in the master bath;
--making the two guest bedrooms the same size and increasing the size of the closets in both of those rooms. This also increase the size of the hall closet and decreases the size of the guest bath by just a little;
--deleting the closet in the guest bathroom and moving the water heater for that bathroom into a built-in utility closet at the head of the bathtub. This increases the amount of available cupboard space in the kitchen;
--pedestal sink and toilet in the guest bath exchange locations;
--extending the kitchen counter for increased storage and counter space;
--adding a wall and closet to define the dining room and entry way;
--adding a 8' x 28' front porch and a 10' x 20' screened in rear porch

There are other minor changes, mostly to the electric. These amount to
--adding telephone, tv and additional plugs to anticipated computer and television locations;
--extra lighting in the bathrooms and living room;
--the addition of ceiling fans to the back porch;
--additional exterior lighting.

We will rock the exterior with native rock and use stucco under the porches. The floors will be finished concrete tile.

Here is the floor plan:
Floor Plan
Here are the additional Electrical Requirments:
With Additional Electrical

And now the paperwork part begins....more on banks and loans later.

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