Friday, February 25, 2005

Kitchen Cabinets

I went to San Antonio on Monday afternoon to look at kitchen cabinets. There was not much that I liked at the first place but I did find a style and quality that I liked at the second store. The style which I like best uses a beaded board in the door inset. It is maple with a bronze finish. Now I am thinking that I will need to change the color of the countertop.

The color we had originally chosen was a light color with little tiny specks of color. From a distance it might look almost like a solid color. This color cabinet is so rich looking that I am thinking that only a darker color will tie the cabinets and the flooring toether.

Of course, all will depend upon the cost estimate for the cabinets. I know that I have chosen cabinets which will be more expensive than the basic but these will like furniture and since they can be seen from both living room and dining room, it does not make sense to buy cabinets which will not wear well. We'll see.

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